Surprised Psychic

That moment when someone offers you a deck of oracle cards, says “Pick a card then give yourself a reading,” and you do is a

bit of a shock. Especially when you haven’t done anything like it before.

I should’ve known. My spiritual coach had already told me “You do know you’re a medium, don’t you” with a question mark at the end.

No, I hadn’t. I thought talking to my cousin between her death and funeral was normal, and talking to my dad a couple of months after he died was, well, just one of those things.


And then she introduced me to oracle cards and told me to give myself a reading. Nice pictures on the front, few positive words under the picture. “Where do I get a reading from?” I asked. She said to say what came into my mind.

So I did and it wasn’t what was on the front of the card. I don’t know where it came from but it felt like words were trying to come out through my ribs.

Then she took a card, handed it to me and told me to give her a reading.

I didn’t expect the words to come flooding out of me again but they did. And they resonated with her. Not with me, but the reading wasn’t for me.

At the time, I designed bespoke planners and journals. She said, “Why are you wasting your time doing planners? You should be doing this.”

I p00h-poohed it thinking she was way off. After all, I designed lovely planners and journals, didn’t I, not realising it wasn’t going to be the business I wanted it to be.

I needed a hobby so I started pulling an oracle card each day, wrote in my journal what it meant to me, and used oracle cards as a personal development tool.

Then Lockdown Happened.

My printers closed when we had lockdown. That made me take stock of what was happening in my bespoke planner business, and I came to my senses.

I decided I needed something to fill the emptiness inside, which some people would want, and which didn’t involve printing costs.

“I wonder if I could do anything with oracle cards,” I thought. And the Universe stepped in..

I had bought a pack of tarot spread templates from a psychic medium in the USA. She contacted me with a “BTW” telling me about the online oracle card reading group she runs on a Friday.

“I read oracle cards,” I said. “Can I come?” And that was it. That was the start of this.

I flourished in the group. My confidence grew and I practiced on other members of the group including the woman who lead it.

She saw my potential and began mentoring me, inviting me to one of her FB groups for potential professional card readers.

Many practice readings later, I’m building my knowledge by learning to read angel cards and exercising mediumship skills. Oh, yes – and I charge for psychic readings.






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