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I used card reading as a tool for personal growth for a year or so, then decided to share it with people. Considering card reading and “New Age” stuff is supposed to be “all the rage”, I couldn’t find a card reading group in the UK, let alone where I live (Shropshire). It took someone in the USA to tell me about her oracle card reading group for me to find one.

Yes, it’s done online via video conferencing. Yes, there’s a time difference (we’re five hours ahead of EST). Yes, I found my tribe as soon as I joined.

I was ready for that spiritual group! Not sure they were ready for me but they welcomed my English accent.

All About Personal Growth.

When the leader, Pamela Busby, said it was all about personal growth, I knew I was definitely in the right place. A life coach for many years, my world revolved around personal development.

Pamela gave us a series of words like Strength, Heart and Challenge and we had to pull one card for each and give ourselves a reading. We took it in turns. There was a mix of tarot and oracle and it didn’t matter; they were treated the same. I know, now, there are subtle differences.

When it came to my turn, I was quaking. It was the first time in a year that I’d given myself a reading in public and I was nervous doing in front of strangers. They were lovely. When I’d finished, Pamela asked if I was open to feedback. I said I was so some gave me their interpretations of my cards. Most helpful.

I couldn’t wait for the following week. At last I had contact with people on my wavelength who would teach me their language. I, in turn, would teach them that what they call an “English muffin” is a crumpet. 🙂

Growing Into 3-Card Spreads.

I started like most beginners, pulling a card, reading what was on the card then reading what was in the guidebook. Except it felt like I had words trying to force their way out through my ribs. The words that came to me weren’t on the cards or in the guidebook. These words came from somewhere/someone else.

Having been to the card group and introduced to 3-card spreads, I kept on practicing with three cards. They were great because more things were pointed out to me. Some were things I did well, others not so well. That’s why it’s called personal growth.

I find it best to ask the cards a question, like “How am I doing right now?” This usually gives a pat on the back, sometimes a kick in the pants but all of it useful in some way.

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See you next time!

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