Your Product Won’t Be Perfect

You try to put as much as possible into your product but it’s still not perfect. You want it to be as good as possible. No matter how hard you try there’ll always be someone who says “Well, if it had…” or “It’s good but it really needs…”

You know that nobody can criticise you as hard as you can.

What happens when someone criticises your product? You incorporate their suggestions plus your extra ideas. Carry on like that and what happens?

An enormous ungainly product that costs so much/is so big/has more info than anyone could possibly want/need/use…..that doesn’t make any sales.

What Then?

Gutted! Absolutely gutted.

“After all the work I put in / money I spent / research I did.”

What do you do after that?

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself down. Start all over again.

That could be a song.

You Got Experience. 

When you do start again, you won’t be starting from the same point. Why? Because you gained experience the first time around.

Before you start, write down what you learned from your previous attempt. Write down what you did and why you did it.

“You’re just trying to rub my face in it.”

No.  When you write down what you did and the reasons why, you’ll discover where you allowed others to make the decisions for you about your product. An off the cuff comment suddenly needed your product to be changed.

Why? Was it breaking any laws? Offensive? So why change it?

It’s Your Product – Do it Your Way.

You know what you want your product to do. It could be to teach people, coach them, guide them, help people improve their lives, give people more access to websites, give a WordPress user more functionality, legal pages on their website, anything.

Check back to what you wrote down about your last experience. Note when other people started criticising. Did they suggest anything to make your product better or was it criticism for the sake of criticising, or because they know how to cut you down?

It’s your product – do it your way. You know what you want it to do. You know the steps it has to go through.

Find other people to test it for you. Keep away from your critics – they want to keep you below them, not to rise above them.

Good luck with it!





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4 Responses to Your Product Won’t Be Perfect

  1. Sarah Arrow

    Hi Shan, what a timely post! I build in imperfection! Or that’s what I tell myself.
    When it comes to criticism there will be people as you rightly point out who critique for the sake of it rather than to improve the product. Steer clear of those people.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…100 Quick Email Marketing TipsMy Profile

  2. David Ryan says:

    Yes. It’s okay to be imperfect. As long as you’re doing it right.
    David Ryan recently posted…New websiteMy Profile

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