What’s Your Attitude Like?

When you get out of bed in the morning, is it with a big smile on your face? An “I’m looking forward to the day” look? Giving thanks for the day?

Maybe you lie there and moan about your problems and how you’ve got to get showered and you shouldn’t have had that extra beer last night. Does that sound more like you?

Your Attitude Can Make or Break Your Day

True. From the time you wake in the morning, your attitude creates your mindset. You know how important your mindset is from my last post.

No matter what you do, whether it’s Internet marketing or something else, your attitude can make or break your day/life/success. No, not just your day, maybe the rest of your life.

To succeed at anything, you have to want it MORE than anything else. 

There is no magic button for success. How do you define success? Would you need to be doing anything special to show you’re successful?

I asked some clients how they would define success:

  • Earning unlimited money
  • Working for myself
  • Having more free time to spend with family and friends
  • Choosing my own hours
  • Learning new skills so I can use them whenever I want more money

They all understood that they needed a starting point and a plan. Why? No starting point means it’s easy to drift along without a care in the world. A plan is vital so you can see how you’re doing and if you’re keeping to your plan.

How do You Measure Success?

How you measure success determines your attitude, outlook and inner belief system. Have you noticed how people who say they believe that they can do something AND TAKE ACTION actually achieve success? The “and take action” are important words. Unless you take action, you won’t achieve anything.

You can start strong with a solid determination to succeed. If you don’t follow your plan and stick to the process, you won’t be successful because you will have quit too soon. That’s the idea of a plan. You write down all the steps, take action and follow your plan, and achieve success. Taking action without following the plan is a total waste because success will avoid you. Then you’ll quit.

What will you do?

Make a plan or not?

Follow your plan?

Take action?

Til next time







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  1. Yes. I always look forward to the day. Every single day.
    Christopher James recently posted…The Taoist BadassMy Profile

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